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Community Programs

Connecticut Ballet has a long, robust history of community outreach and engagement through its Center for Dance Education, which encompasses school and community programs alike. With a dual mission to expose youth to excellence in dance performance and to provide opportunities to develop student talent through accelerated training, Connecticut Ballet’s Center for Dance Education has touched 300,000+ children throughout the state since 1991.


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CENTER FOR DANCE EDUCATION is Connecticut Ballet’s outreach arm, which encompasses educational programs including:

All of the above services are provided as contracted services or tuition-free with the help of philanthropic dollars.

The following are outcomes we seek amongst all the youth we serve:

  • Building specific dance and drumming vocabulary skills

  • Encouraging greater self-confidence and creative expression

  • Encouraging physical fitness to combat childhood obesity

  • Increased cultural literacy through exposure to professional performances

Our educational programs were established in response to a perceived need for access to instructional opportunities in the target districts of Stamford, Norwalk, and Bridgeport. Since 1991, the geographic range of our programs has deve-loped to include districts and institutions throughout the state of Connecticut. Toward that end, we have developed a strong network of community-based social service partners with whom we work to deliver educational programs throughout Connecticut.


We have conducted recent programs or residencies with the following community-based organizations or schools:

  • Cedarhurst School, New Haven

  • Wakeman-Burroughs Boys & Girls Club, Bridgeport

  • Children's Center of Hamden

  • Grassroots Danbury, Danbury

  • Ellington Public Library, Ellington

  • International School at Dundee, Greenwich &
    Julian Curtiss Elementary School, Greenwich

  • New Beginnings Academy, Bridgeport

  • Wequonnoc Magnet School, Taftville

Call 860-293-1039 or 203-964-1211 or email us at for further information.

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