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Assembly Programs

We take seriously the education of young people in the many aspects of dance, exposing students and teachers to the entire gamut  of traditional and contemporary dance forms. Since 1981, we have been presenting assembly programs and offering outreach classes throughout Connecticut and Westchester County, New York. Narrated by Artistic Director Brett Raphael and touching on a variety of dance themes, over 300,000 students have enjoyed our performances to date.


Special thanks to Travelers Companies, corporate sponsor of our Center for Dance Education.


Programs offered during the 2020-2021 school year:

  • Backstage at the Ballet

  • World of Dance

  • Let's Get Fit

NOTE: All programs can be delivered virtually as well as in-person.

The Cost

Programs range in cost from $125/workshop class to $1350-$1500 for two assemblies performances and a workshop in a single day at one or more schools in a geographic area. Oftentimes, two schools split the cost of one day with an assembly scheduled at each school (typically before and after the lunch waves).


"My class was completely fascinated by the different accents, costumes, dances, music, instruments and languages you showed us. Some chose to write letters to the dancers."   --- 2nd grade teacher, Sharon, CT

"When I first heard that we were having a ballet assembly, I moaned and groaned thinking that ballet was a slow sport that only girls like to do. You proved me wrong. Ballet is really interesting now that I have seen you perform. I am inspired by how healthy and strong you need to be to do dance. I thought you were great."  --- William, a 4th grader

Now Booking for the 2020-2021 school year!

Please contact Brett Raphael, Artistic Director, at 860-293-1039 or

203-964-1211 for availability, fees, and residency information.

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