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Ballet Ambassadors

Connecticut Ballet is seeking ambassadors-at-large to serve on our emerging Ballet Ambassador Council. The effort is designed to increase diversity and inclusion in our theater audiences and make the beauty of ballet accessible to all. We’re recruiting a dedicated group of people who want to share their enthusiasm for this art form with their network to expand the greater Hartford and greater Stamford audiences and establish a thriving contingency of diverse audience members across economic and racial divides.

What does a Ballet Ambassador do?

  • Serve as an advocate for the ballet in the community by sharing upcoming events and access to free theater tickets with friends, family and colleagues

  • Help us find ways to remove barriers to attendance amongst marginalized sectors of the community

  • Serve as a feedback mechanism for us. Did your guests feel comfortable in the theater? Did the performance resonate with them? Would they recommend it to others?


What do you receive in return?

  • Up to four complimentary tickets to performances at The Bushnell or The Palace

  • Invitations to attend special ‘backgrounder’ luncheons hosted by Brett Raphael, Connecticut Ballet Artistic Director joined by dancers and members of the artistic team

  • Invitations to studio rehearsals, so you’ll be among the first to see new works in progress



Interested? To sign up as a Ballet Ambassador, call 860-293-1039 or 203-964-1211 or email


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