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Health & Wellness Initiative

Our focus is combating of childhood obesity and promoting wellness in the general population of Connecticut youth.

The Health & Wellness Initiative brings the message of fitness and healthy lifestyles to schools, community groups, and residential treatment facilities for at-risk youth ages 8-18. We seek to combat childhood obesity using dance as a catalyst. This coming year, the "Let's Get Fit!" assembly program will tour to several Connecticut communities as part of our statewide campaign to reach out to individuals from diverse backgrounds with wellness education and programming. In the 50-minute assembly, Connecticut Ballet dancers perform and then speak about how they keep their bodies fueled and (mostly) sugar-free.
Often, the dancers will lead a workshop for students and staff to develop a rapport and burn some calories.

  Measurable outcomes include:

  • Heightened appreciation for dance and the arts in general as a vehicle for self-expression and physical fitness;

  • Improved communication with staff or parent/guardian around issues of obesity and making personal commitments to improve health prognosis;

  • Improved BMI score measurements amongst participating youth;

  • Decreased screen time to less than two hours per day amongst program participants;

For information about booking "Let's Get Fit!" for your school district, residential treatment center or community organization, call 860-293-1039 or 203-964-1211.

Special thanks to Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield for initial leadership funding in this area.

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